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DAEBAK Habanero Spicy Chicken Noodle 83g

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It's getting hot in here because Daebak Habanero Instant Cup Noodles has finally arrive in our store!

Are you team Ghost pepper? or team Habanero?

It is prepared for those who like Ghost Pepper spicy chicken
but do not enjoy the super spicy taste.


Noodle ingredients - Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil [Palm Oil (Contains Permitted Antioxidant E321)], Tapioca Starch, Salt, Contains Stabiliser as Permitted Food Conditioner.

Seasoning powder - Sugar, Spices, Potato Starch, Creamer (Contains Milk), Black Tea Powder, Contains Permitted Flavouring Substances, Contains Anticaking Agent (E551) As Permitted Food Conditioner, Contains Disodium 5'-Guanylate (E627) and Disodium 5'-Inosinate (E631) As Permitted Flavour Enhancer, Contains Artificial Sweetener (E955) As Permitted Food Additives.