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Fanta WTF Green 330ml

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With Fanta WTF green soda, it's no longer just a drink: it's a mission, and your mission (if you accept it) is to find out #WhaTheFanta is in this drink! It's delicious alright, but aside from its green color and the knowledge that there is no added sugar, you'll be given no further clue as to its actual flavor. So take a sip, and take your shot at guessing what's in Fanta WTF Green! Gather your friends and see whose sense of taste is the finest!

Ingredients: Water, apple juice from concentrate 3,3%, carbonic acid, acidity regulator E330, food colouring (safflower and lemon concentrate), sweeteners (E952iv, E950, E955), natural flavouring, acidity regulator E331, colouring E133