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Lotte Pepero Choco Filled Sticks 50g

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The best Korean Snack, now available in South Africa. Korean snack Pepero from Lotte are rich and creamy chocolate filled sticks. The biscuit sticks are crunchy biscuit filled with a soft & creamy chocolate filling.

Ingredients: Wheat flour (51%), sugar, cocoa mass (12%), vegetable oil (palm oil, lecithin (E322: emulsifier)), celery fat (palm oil, tocopherol), lactose, cocoa production (2%), milk paste, cereal product, processed butter, Egg liquid, sour dough (sodium phosphate tribas: E339 acid regulator, ammonium bicarbonate: E503 acid regulator, sodium bicarbonate: E500), processed milk powder, malt extract (barley), salt, fructose corn syrup, artificial flavor (chocolate, vanillin, condensed milk, vanilla ), Emulsifier (lecithin: E322, PGPR: E476), yeast, enzyme preparations.