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Starbucks Double Shot Intense 200ml

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Looking for an extra pick-me-up to help keep you up? Then look no further. Starbucks Tripleshot ™ Espresso with milk and Starbucks Tripleshot ™ Espresso with no added sugar will help you do just that.  Starbucks Tripleshot ™

Espresso gives you not one, not two but THREE shots of espresso, providing an even stronger boost for those moments where you need to get going.

Ingredients: Starbucks® Arabica Coffee Blend (Water, Espresso Arabica Coffee Extract (1.2%), Colombian Arabica Coffee Extract (0.5%)) (66%), 2% Fat Milk (30%), Sugar (3.7%), Green Coffee Extract (0.05%), Acidity Regulator (Potassium Carbonate)